Event #19 Meditation and Mindfulness: A Sacred Path to Self-Awareness

Event 19

Meditation and Mindfulness: A Sacred Path to Self-Awareness

The ancient wisdom of the Hindu scriptures has comprehensively laid out all aspects of a sacred life. Over the ages, we have been practicing the ‘dharma’ along with certain ‘rituals’ to achieve a fulfilling and wholesome life. In the modern era, we need to remind and revisit our purpose and meaning of life. We also need practical ways to achieve ‘awareness’ of self in the context of ‘oneness’ with the universe and the immense power we have – ‘aham bramhasmi’ (I am part of the Ocean of Consciousness).

Practicing conscious Mindfulness and meditative practices can help us to cut down the ‘noise’ and create a distance from the ‘chaos’ of the modern world while developing an attitude of ‘observance’- Sakshi bhav.

In this session, we will discuss more about how these practices have become more important than ever and how we can include them in our daily life without getting overwhelmed, and become more self-aware, achieve a calm, non-judgemental attitude, filled with unconditional love, kindness, gratitude, and patience.

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  • DATE: Saturday, Nov 28
  • TIME: 2.00-3.00pm SGT
  • COST: Free
  • LOCATION: Online Session

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Dr. Shailendra Bajpai

Dr. Bajpai is a physician, internist and Diabetes expert, currently the Global Head of Disease Management for Sanofi Emerging Markets, Diabetes and CV, at Singapore. His passion includes education and awareness on Health and wellness for physicians and communities. He is a speaker, author, and a story-teller.

 He is also a mindfulness coach and regularly conducts workshops and seminars on ‘Mindful living with Diabetes’, ‘Patient-centricity’ , ‘360 leadership’ and is currently conducting customized workshops for diverse audience including professionals on the topic of ‘The new normal- managing uncertainty… mindfully’ to help them embrace the ‘uncertainty’ by changing perspectives and ease their transition in today’s circumstances both at personal and professional levels.


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