About Singapore Festival Of Hinduism 2020

Deepening Understanding of Hinduism

The objective of the Festival is to provide Singaporeans with a deeper understanding of Hinduism and how it plays out in the daily life of a Hindu. 

Hinduism is like a large banyan tree with many branches and roots, and this is a cause of many misconceptions and much misunderstanding yet it’s strength too. Hinduism is a deep and philosophical religion that plays a huge part in the life and culture of every Hindu. It is based more on a personal spiritual journey and self-enquiry method rather than faith, single scripture or unified code of practices. Hindus comprise about 5% of Singaporeans and residents.

Featuring 23 events for everyone

In all, 23 events are planned, by different Hindu organisations and experts in their area, covering everything from main tenets of Hinduism to important scriptures, explanations on Hindu iconography and deities, prayers, yoga, health and fitness, the science and art of home layout, holy places in the world, temples in Singapore and temple etiquette, music and dance and much more. There are even competitions for children as well as storytelling. The last event is an “Ask Me Anything on Hinduism” panel which will take questions from a live audience.

The synopsis of each session and the bio of the presenter(s) are available in the Event Details.

Book Launch

During the Festival, Hindu Centre will launch a book, Ramayana 108, written by Mr V. Prabhakar Rao, comprising questions and answers on the great Hindu epic and story of Lord Rama and Princess Sita.

Streaming Channels:

All these events can be accessed freely on

The audience may ask questions to clear their doubts. In addition, a form will be available on the Festival website www.sfh.sg for the public to post their questions ahead of any event.

Who Can Attend:

All Singaporeans, including young and old, and all those who are interested in learning about Hinduism can attend. IRCCs, IRO, inter-faith bodies, religious organisations, schools and colleges, relevant ministries and agencies are welcome to learn and understand more about a major religion of the world and practised actively in Singapore.